Knowledge and practice – keys to business success

3D-nano has joined the project called "Knowledge and practice - keys to business success". If you wish to become our science partner and want to obtain practical knowledge about nanotechnology we encourage you to apply for a placement. The project is managed by the Malopolska Regional Development Agency. http://marr.pl/

New facilities

3D-nano officially opened its laboratory for manufacture of nanomaterials.

Project meeting

3D-nano took part in a project meeting within European Project entitled "RobustDSC". The meeting was orgazized by Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg.


3D-nano and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (FhG-ISE) has signed a subcontractor agreement to collaborate in the development of catalytic nanomaterials for use in dye solar cells.The duration of the Agreement is 10 months commencing on Jan 1, 2010. 3D-nano will supply screen-printable pastes for counter electrodes in DSCs.