PlasmaChem nanomaterials


Thickness: 1-4 nm; Particles size: up to 2 μm
Specific surface area: 700-800 m²/g
Purity: 91 at.%. Other elements: O < 7 at.%; N < 2 at.%

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-P-G750-1g1 g24,15 EUR
PL-P-G750-10g10 g124,95 EUR
PL-P-G750-50g50 g239,40 EUR

Water dispersion of graphene oxide 4 mg / ml

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-GO-04p-10ml10 ml24,15 EUR
PL-GO-04p-25ml25 ml49,35 EUR
PL-GO-04p-100ml100 ml124,95 EUR
TimeNameVolume, %


Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-1C70-10mg10 mg38,85 EUR
PL-1C70-50mg50 mg64,05 EUR
PL-1C70-200mg200 mg203,70 EUR
TimeNameVolume, %
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-1C60-250mg250 mg51,45 EUR
PL-1C60-500mg500 mg82,95 EUR
PL-1C60-1g1 g145,95 EUR
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-SCNP-M-100mg100 mg114,45 EUR
PL-SCNP-M-500mg500 mg454,65 EUR

Carbon purity: min. 95%
Number of walls: 3-15
Outer diameter: 5-20 nm; Inner diameter: 2-6 nm; Length: 1-10 μm
Apparent density: 0,15-0,35 g/cm3
Loose agglomerate size: 0,1-3 mm

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-MCNP-1g1 g24,15 EUR
PL-MCNP-10g10 g74,55 EUR
PL-MCNP-50g50 g278,25 EUR
PL-MCNP-100g100 g443,10 EUR

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) type PL-MCNP, additionally modified by -COOH or -SO3H groups. Soluble in water forming dark, transp. suspensions stable for many months.

Image: aq. suspensions of unstable unmodified (left) and stable modified CNTs.

COOH- modified:
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-MCNP-COOH-100mg100 mg61,95 EUR
PL-MCNP-COOH-500mg500 mg252,00 EUR
PL-MCNP-COOH-1g1 g366,45 EUR
SO3H- modified:
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-MCNP-SO3H-100mg100 mg61,95 EUR
PL-MCNP-SO3H-500mg500 mg252,00 EUR
PL-MCNP-SO3H-1g1 g366,45 EUR


The finest analogue of industrially used filler for polymer composites
Average particle size: ca. 13 nm; Specific surface: ca. 550 m²/g
Ash content: < 0,02%; Bulk density: ca. 120 g/L

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-CB13-50g50 g59,85 EUR
PL-CB13-200g200 g184,80 EUR