PlasmaChem nanomaterials


Purity: > 99,0%
Particles shape: spherical
Particle size full range: 4 – 5 μm
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-MN5-1g1 g81,90 EUR
PL-MN5-5g5 g250,95 EUR
PL-MN5-10g10 g378,00 EUR
Particle size full range: 2 – 3 μm
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-MN3-1g1 g81,90 EUR
PL-MN3-5g5 g250,95 EUR
PL-MN3-10g10 g378,00 EUR

Fe(IO3)3 nanopowder
Particle shape: spherical to elongated
Primary particle average size: 40-80 nm
Second harmonic generation nanoparticles for non-linear optics

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-FeIO80-1g1 g99,75 EUR
PL-FeIO80-10g10 g367,50 EUR

CaCO3, nanopowder
Particle shape: cubic
Primary particle average size: 90±15 nm
Specific surface: ca. 20 m2/g
Bulk Density: ca. 0,4 g/cm

Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-CACOU-25g25 g56,70 EUR
PL-CACOU-100g100 g176,40 EUR

Absorbs polyelectrolytes and proteins in mesopores strongly.
Purity: > 99,0%
Particles shape: mesoporous, spherical
Specific surface: > 18 m2/g

Average particle size: ca. 6 μm
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-CA6-1g1 g51,45 EUR
PL-CA6-5g5 g225,75 EUR
PL-CA6-10g10 g313,95 EUR
 Average particle size: ca. 2-3 μm
Product IDPackagePrice excl. VAT
PL-CA3-1g1 g81,90 EUR
PL-CA3-5g5 g250,95 EUR
PL-CA3-10g10 g378,00 EUR