3D-nano, Krzysztof Skupień Company is implementing a project co-financed from European Funds. "Hybrid isolator combining the features of a laminar chamber and a glove box with a high safety class with the possibility of performing operations in a robotic manner."

The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a hybrid, modular isolation chamber, providing protection for the operator against the effects of contact with viruses, combining in one solution the features of laminar chambers and glove chambers with a high safety class, enabling the automation and robotization of repeatable technical operations.

FINANCING: 3 884 400,00 PLN


The Company Profile

3D-nano is a company committed to research, production and trade in the area of advanced technologies. The company has its own R&D laboratory, which implements proprietary solutions in hi-tech products. The company also provides services of technical and scientific advice to help customers to implement nanomaterials in innovative products. 3D-nano is the exclusive representative of the German company Plasmachem in Poland. The commercial offer includes over 140 products in the range of cutting-edge nanomaterials. Recently, the nanomaterials offer has been enriched by the Spanish Emfutur’s goods. Moreover, 3D-nano offers a wide selection of glove box workstations produced by GS-Glovebox Systemtechnik.

What is nano

The term nanomaterials covers various types of nanostructured materials which possess at least one dimension in the nanometer range. At this scale, materials exhibit electrical and optical characteristics that are not present when they have macroscopic dimensions. These novel properties give nanomaterials the potential for strongly impacting the performance of modern devices.

What we do

3D-nano is involved in research, production, engineering and trade in the area of advanced technologies. We are an authorised partner of Plasmachem GmbH, GS-Glovebox Systemtechnik GmbH and Emfutur producers.

The company utilises nanotechnology to produce nanomaterials. 3D-nano specializes in the synthesis of noble metals nanoparticles with a defined size distribution. Moreover, we utilize the properties of the shape-dependent materials which are exhibited when their architecture is on the nanometer scale.



We are starting the new year full of hope, because we are facing a challenging 2021. We finished the past by signing an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development as part of the Fast Track “Coronavirus” competition. We proceed to the implementation of the PLN 5.2 million development project of the gloveboxes […]

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