Ultra-thin glass

Although known for centuries, glass still remains a fascinating engineering material which holds a variety of unusual features. Ongoing research on its chemical structure and innovative processing methods brought a constant technology development, as well as proved nearly unlimited glass application possibilites. The ultra-thin glass is the latest and most advanced branch of the glass family materials development. Thanks to a special method of thoughening, based on chemical treatment, very interesting features have been achieved. Currently produced ultra-thin glass plates feature foil-like flexibility combined with both hardness and strength.

Ultra-thin glass applications include:

  • digital display protection (also hydrophobic, oil-resistant and anti-reflex surfaces)
  • touch screen displays
  • printed electronics
  • OLED diodes and organic photovoltaic cells
  • photonics
  • sensors and measurement equipment protection
  • optical equipment protection

cienkie szklo

3d-nano specializes in less than 3,0 mm thick glass manufacturing and processing. It requires very advanced tools and chemical components we're able to provide. We currently offer a precision glass cutting services applied to sheets thickness ranging from 0,1 mm to 3,0 mm. Due to our own glass division dynamic development, please contact us for further details and most recent updates.