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sale of thin glass

Despite the fact that glass is a material that has been known for a long time, it still remains fascinating and has many unusual and contradictory properties. Continuous scientific research into new chemical compositions of glasses and innovative methods of their processing make modern glasses have almost unlimited use. Particularly interesting is the dynamic development of ultra-thin glasses, which can be both flexible and foil, and at the same time hard and durable thanks to the chemical strengthening process.

Ultra-thin glass applications include:

  • digital display protection (also hydrophobic, oil-resistant and anti-reflex surfaces)
  • touch screen displays
  • printed electronics
  • OLED diodes and organic photovoltaic cells
  • photonics
  • sensors and measurement equipment protection
  • optical equipment protection

thin glass cutting

We specialize in glass with a thickness of less than 3mm. The process of cutting thin glasses is an advanced process that requires specialized tools. We currently offer services of precise glass cutting with thicknesses from 0.1mm to 3.0mm. Due to the dynamic development of this department, please contact us for the latest information.