Platinum paste

3D-nano offers platinum paste as a component of counterelectrode for Dye-sensitised Solar Cells. We recommend using a polyester screen with 90 mesh/cm for screen printing. After printing and drying, the layer can be sintered at 450°C for around 30 min.


Dye-sensitised Solar Cells

3D-nano supplies components for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (DSCs). DSCs are an example of photo-electro-chemical cells which are used to convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy. DSCs are a cost alternative to silicon solar cells which are more expensive to produce. The DSC's modules are semi-transparent and might contain different patterns which make them especially attractive for building?s facade integration. A dye-sensitized photovoltaic cell is comprised of a nanocrystalline titanium dioxide film that contains a thin layer of adsorbed dye molecules. The dye-coated particles are supported on TCO glass or plastic substrate. A platinum coated counter electrode is placed over the nanocrystalline TiO2. Between these two electrodes a liquid electrolyte is encapsulated.

ogniwa DSC