Metal nanoparticles

nanoczastki metaliNanosize products can be applied to a wide range of industries. Our technological advance and knowhow allows the optimization of our products to perfectly meet the specifications and requirements of particular applications. Current nanograde?s company portfolio covers colloids of nanosize metals like platinum silver and copper.

Nanoscale silver (Ag) particles are available in the size range of 10-500 nm. Silver nanoparticles can be used as an ingredient for electroconductive slurry, air purifiers, water purifiers, biological labels, and as an ingredient for inks used in inkjets. Nanoparticle-sized inks can be cured at much lower temperatures, thus opening up a wider range of substrates, including lower-cost plastics.

Nanoscale platinum (Pt) particles are available in the size range of 1-50 nm. Reducing platinum to nano-sized particles helps to make the element highly effective, making it more in demand for several use in the industry of catalysis.

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