Salt Nano- and Microparticles

Inorganic carbonate microparticles soluble at low pH values or in complexing agents such as EDTA. Among various applications, they are used for production of polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules finding various applications from drug carriers to microreactors.

Calcium Carbonate Microparticles

Absorbs polyelectrolytes and proteins in mesopores strongly.
Purity: > 99,0%
Particles shape: mesoporous, spherical
Specific surface: > 18 m2/g

Average particle size: ca. 6 μm
Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-CA6-1g 1 g 46,20 EUR
PL-CA6-5g 5 g 195,80 EUR
PL-CA6-10g 10 g 273,90 EUR
 Average particle size: ca. 2-3 μm
Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-CA3-1g 1 g 71,50 EUR
PL-CA3-5g 5 g 217,80 EUR
PL-CA3-10g 10 g 328,90 EUR


Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles

CaCO3, nanopowder
Particle shape: cubic
Primary particle average size: 90±15 nm
Specific surface: ca. 20 m2/g
Bulk Density: ca. 0,4 g/cm

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caco3 nano2caco3

Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-CACOU-25g 25 g 49,50 EUR
PL-CACOU-100g 100 g 152,90 EUR


Iron Iodate, nonlinear optics nanocrystals

Fe(IO3)3 nanopowder
Particle shape: spherical to elongated
Primary particle average size: 40-80 nm
Second harmonic generation nanoparticles for non-linear optics

Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-FeIO80-1g 1 g 86,90 EUR
PL-FeIO80-10g 10 g 319,00 EUR


Manganese Carbonate Microparticles

Purity: > 99,0%
Particles shape: spherical

Particle size full range: 4 - 5 μm
Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-MN5-1g 1 g 71,50 EUR
PL-MN5-5g 5 g 217,80 EUR
PL-MN5-10g 10 g 328,90 EUR
Particle size full range: 2 - 3 μm
Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-MN3-1g 1 g 71,50 EUR
PL-MN3-5g 5 g 217,80 EUR
PL-MN3-10g 10 g 328,90 EUR