Industrial and Consumer Products on the Base of Nanomaterials

Additives for electroplating and electroless plating baths

DiamoSilb® , AlumoSilb®, DiamoChromTM, DiamoHard-NTM, DiamoGoldTM
New word in metal plating. Friction and wear of galvanic metal coatings can be significantly reduced by using of our nanoparticles-based electrolyte additives. Contact us for directions for use.
Considerable reduction of Wear and Friction coefficient by 50%

Product ID Name Price excl. VAT 
PL-DiAg-1L DiamoSilb, additive for silver plating, 1 L 1050,00 EUR
PL-AlAg-1L AlumoSilb, additive for silver plating, 1 L 960,00 EUR
PL-DiCr-1L DiamoChrom, additive for chromium plating 1 L 1050,00 EUR
PL-DiAu-1L DiamoGold, additive for gold plating, 1 L 1050,00 EUR
PL-DiHard-1L DiamoHard-N, additive for nickel plating, 1 L 1050,00 EUR


Additives for motor oils

ADDO®: novel additive for engine oils: ADDO is based on a mixture of Diamonds and Graphite nanoparticles. Very fine particles of NanoDiamond, with size of only 4 nm, polish the moving parts of an engine to mirror quality, leaving no defects. NanoDiamonds get impregnated into the metal surface converting it to the diamond-metal composite layer with high mechanical strength and affinity to the oil,  resulting in a strong reduction of friction and wear. NanoGraphite is working as a natural and extremely efficient dry lubricant reducing the friction further (see also www.addo-oil.com).
Your engine becomes more efficient, it uses less fuel and lives longer.

Product ID Package Price excl. VAT 
PL-ADDO-200mL 200 mL (for 4-6 L oil) 50,34 EUR
PL-ADDO-1L 5 x 200 mL (for 20-30 L oil) 242,86 EUR
PL-ADDO-5L 25 x 200 mL (for 100-150 L oil) 1172,27 EUR


DIAMOPOL: Super-Finish Polishing Paste

The current state-of-the-art technologies of super-finish polishing allow to achieve the roughness of ca. 2 nm. The use of our polishers based on nanoparticles allows to reduce the roughness by a factor of 2 and reach the value of 0,9 nm. These polishers can be supplied in hydrophilic, hydrophobic and all-purpose forms.

Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-DiaPol-10m 10 mL 18,70 EUR
PL-DiaPol-100m 100 mL 90,20 EUR