3D-nano became a new member of Silesian Nano Cluster

It is a pleasure to inform you that 3D-nano became a member of Silesian Nano Cluster. Commercialization and development of nanotechnology in Poland was always an important issue for us, that's why next Monday we will have an opportunity to discuss with all of the members about solutions contribute to the improvement in Nanotechnology sector in Poland.

The objective of the Cluster is the development permanent cooperation between business and science, which will allow implementing joint development research projects and commercialization of their results

For more information please visit Silesian Nano Cluster website

CMOT – the new website launch

As previously announced, we have been working with our partners from Poland and Germany on the new generation graphene transistor electrodes. The CMOT programme has just launched its official website, which you can look up here: http://www.cmot.science/index.html. Graphene transistors are the score-breaking novelty that will lead to setting a whole new level of performance records in area of modern electronics and computer technology.

CMOT research programme and the new MOTFT graphene transistor

It has been a second month of us paricipating in the international CMOT research programme and study over the modified graphene  MOTFT transistor production technology development. The project is conducted within joint research programme M-era.Net and (Polish) National Centre of Research and Development – NCBiR. On the 9th and 10th of June, the 3D-nano founder and owner Krzysztof Skupień PhD., had an opportunity to meet all of the co-participants of the Technical University of Bochum, Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+, Evonik, Edgewave and LPKF. The kick-off meeting took place at the Technical University of Bochum in Germany.

New headquarter and new logo

The opening of our new headquarters and reveal of our new brand marks. New facilities are located at Powstancow 64b, 31-670 Cracow, Poland.

3D-nano distributor of PlasmaChem

We are pleased to inform that 3D-nano has become an exclusive distributor of PlasmaChem GmbH products in Poland since 1st of January 2015.

New lab equipment

New asset such as a glove box provides a leak-tight environment to perform work with hazardous or sensitive materials in an inert atmosphere.