GlassTec 2014

3D-nano team attended the GlassTec fair, October 22nd-23rd in Dusseldorf/Germany

InterSolar 2014

3D-nano team attended the Intersolar Fair, June 4th – 6th in Munich/Germany.

New manufacturing equipment

The new machine is a mixing system for the rapid homogenizing, pulverising or dispersal of different hardly mixing substances.

Printed Electronics Europe 2014

3D-nano team attended the Conference and Exhibition focused on the commercialisation of printed, organic and flexible electronics, April 1st - 2nd in Berlin/Germany.

3D-nano joins world of 3D printing

Our proffesional 3D printers allows 3D rapid prototyping in FDM technology in order to develop new products and manufacturing technologies. Our printers can create high precision (Z positioning = 5 micron), large (305 x 205 x 210 mm) and durable models of any shapes.

OPV Workshop at University of Lodz

Dr. Krzysztof Skupień, Founder of 3D-nano, gives a presentation with the topic "Issues of Nanometal Based Inkjet Inks". The workshop on Organic Photovoltaics takes place at Department of Molecular Physics, Lodz University of Technology in Poland.

InterSolar 2013

3D-nano team attended the 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, October 1st - 3rd in Paris/France.

InterSolar 2013

3D-nano team attended the Intersolar Fair, June 19th – 21st in Munich/Germany.

3D-nano to buy a new lab device

The digital ultrasonic generator Hielscher UP200St-G&T is very effective in the homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, extracting and degassing of sample volumes from 0.1 to 2000 mL. For high volume production the device is equiped with a flow cell for continuous operation.