Single-Digit NanoDiamonds (SDND)

Forms transparent stable colloidal solution of nanodiamonds in water and many polar
organic solvents. Free of additives and milling impurities.
Produced by chemical desintegration. Aqueous 5% solution.
Diamond crystallite size: 3,5-5,2 nm
Specific surface: 320-350 m2/g
Particle size (DLS): 5-15 nm
Ash content: <0,4%

Can also be supplied in DMF, GBL, EG. Ask for quotation


pK1 mmol/g pK2 mmol/g pK3 mmol/g Sum amount groups, mmol/g
3,4 0,08 6,6 0,32 9,9 0,19 0,59



Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-SDND-5p-1g 20 mL  88,00 EUR
PL-SDND-5p-10g 200 mL 715,00 EUR 
PL-SDND-5p-50g 1000 mL  3025,00 EUR