Carbon Nanotubes, multiwalled, charged, water soluble

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) type PL-MCNP, additionally modified by -COOH or -SO3H groups. Soluble in water forming dark, transp. suspensions stable for many months.

Image: aq. suspensions of unstable unmodified (left) and stable modified CNTs.

COOH- modified:
Product ID Package Price excl. VAT
PL-MCNP-COOH-100mg 100 mg 53,90 EUR
PL-MCNP-COOH-500mg 500 mg 218,90 EUR
PL-MCNP-COOH-1g 1 g 317,90 EUR
SO3H- modified:
Product ID Package Price
PL-MCNP-SO3H-100mg 100 mg 53,90 EUR
PL-MCNP-SO3H-500mg 500 mg 218,90 EUR
PL-MCNP-SO3H-1g 1 g 317,90 EUR