Electrodes materials

Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) substrates covered with platinum nanoparticles.

We can apply single-nanometer size highly catalytic nanoparticles of platinum on the TCO glass also other type of substrates like flexible plastic conductive foils (e.g. PEN, PET) can be coated as well.

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materialy elektrodowe


TCO Glass

We catch up on all the latest trends in new technologies market what is why in our offer appeared high quality conductive TCO Glass. We have access to specialized equipment that guarantee profesional TCO glass cutting with declaration of accuracy of dimension ±0,1 mm. Futhermore we are able to partly remove TCO layer.

TCO Glass

TCO layer create conductive, opticaly transparent surface which can partly reflect infared and ultraviolet rays while allowing visible light to pass. Moreover TCO coating is characterized by superior hardness and chemical stability.

TCO Glass

TCO Glass applications

logo     Solar modules, thin film photovoltaic cells

logo     Liquid crystal display (LCD)

logo     Touch-screen displays

logo     OLED application

logo     Transparent antistatic panels


PET foil coated by ITO

To conduct innovative research by using flexible and conductive substrate our firm offer high quality foil PET coated by ITO. Product is characterized by high transparency and stability. Offered size is 300 x 1200 mm,but it could be cut to smaller pieces.

PET foil coated by ITO


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logo     liquid crystal devices

logo     touchscreens

logo     electroluminescent lamps

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